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Nomi Salon's philosophy is about styling hair that's realistic and beautiful.  Hair is the best accessory for women and men.  Our goal at Nomi Salon is to create the best hairstyle that works for the individual.  Our staff practices the highest level of team services, something unique in our industry.  Our goal is to built up unconditional, professional relationships with clients and provide them with the best services each time.  We offer full in salon hair services, including haircutting, colouring, highlights, Japanese straightening, conditioning treatments, wash and styling and perms.  Please come in for free consolation and let our talented stylist help you to achieve the best hairstyle for you.



Our Story

We are proud to say that our salon caters to clients of all walks of life and all ages.  Our salon also has a diverse international perspective because our stylists are from many nations including Pakistan, Canada, Hungary, and Japan.  

We  are still in the process of growing and we make sure that we provide each of our clients 100 percent service

Our Vision

Nomi Salon’s vision is to make your vision into a reality.  We believe in building strong  relationships with our clients and that the time they spend in our salon should be memorable.  A wise man once said, “the time we spend is never coming back so why not spend it in joy and making people happy?” – we agree and will do everything we can to make your visit to Nomi Salon a pleasure!

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